We have completed the production of a documentary project on the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. 8 testimonials – cumulative length 11 and a half hours. A record of nearly 100 events that took place in the huge region between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains.

We tried to bring about the collective fate of some 2,700,000 Jews – almost half of the 6,000,000 Holocaust victims.

We chose a unique cinematic approach. All events are brought by the witnesses who were photographed at the event venue and for the same period of time as the event time.

The final film of the project – “The Mystery of the Black Book” – tells about Stalin’s concealment of the extent and methods of killing Jews in the Soviet territories by the Germans and local collaborators.

We believe that the materials of the project films have the ability to acknowledge to many public the hidden truth about the Holocaust. Get to know the real map – which includes, apart from death camps, concentration camps and ghettos in Central and Western Europe – more than 1000 (!!) Soviet cities and villages where the Jews were murdered.

We allow you to die

The additional film (along with ” Beyond the Nistru”) about the Holocaust in Transnistria. The film has two stories: the “Fall of Odessa” and “We allow you to die” – about the hunger camp to death Pecora.

The road to Babi Yar

“The Road to Babi Yar” traces the first hundred days of the Holocaust in Ukraine and asks how this mass extermination system evolved. Through interviews with historians, local eyewitnesses and Holocaust survivor Jews, the film paints a broad and painful picture of the fate of Ukrainian Jews in the Holocaust.

Holocaust. The Eastern Front

A second film in Boris’s documentary implores the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. The film features five stories from various parts of Russia where painful memories of the “Unknown Holocaust” are revealed.

Beyond the Nistru

This film depicts some of the Holocaust events that took place in the first year of the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union territories occupied by Romania

Drawers of memory

In the sixth film of the project about Holocaust in the former Soviet Union, Boris Maftsir implores the discovery of the Holocaust memorial in Latvia.

The Guardians of Remembrance

Guardians of Remembrance – are Jewish and non-Jewish witnesses.

Until the last step

By the end of the winter of 1941 – 42, almost all the killings of Jews in eastern Belarus had already been completed.
Some ghettos still remain in the western part.


In November 1941, the German Army’s 11th Army occupied the Crimea. Shortly afterwards, the murder of the Jews begins – as in the other Soviet Union occupied until then. The seventh film in Boris’s Maftsir documentary project calls on the uniqueness of the tragedy of the destruction of the Crimean Jews and of Jewish kolkhozim – along with the other Jewish communities of the Crimea.

The Mystery of the Black Book

Stalin wanted to prevent this book from being published. Why was he so dangerous in his eyes? Boris’s Maftsir new film implores the story of the Black Book, which, if seen light, would have changed for all of us the way we perceive the Holocaust, modern anti-Semitism and Jewish life in the Soviet Union.

Last witnesses

Documentary project about Holocaust in USSR territories was filmed in 2013-2017.

The first million

On June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany launches a surprise attack on the Soviet Union. The Red Army is defeated and retreats. Huge territories fall under the control of the Germans.